always the same problem here, if there's an anime no need to complet the mangas, what if i told you that there's some people like me who like to read mangas much more then watch animes,



I really like your work and what you do for us to make mangas easy for us, i know it's not the subject to talk in here, but please look about the mangas that still without translation or doesn't complet yet like Worst, Thanks again i really appreciate it

Have a wonderful time


thanks, this manga is so awesome,


Always the same problem, you can't translate akk the chapters, just because there's an anime it doesn't mean people won't read the manga, if you can't complet something don't start it


thanks so much for this manga, i've read it a little longtime ago but i forgot to thank you about it, i really appreciat your hardwork for translate this manga, again thanks


It's amazing, thank you so much


please take a look at this manga, it's so awesome !!


really it's amazing, thank you so much for this manga


Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!


Zakaria Dahoub